everyday-is-doomsday-coverIn the debut novel by author Selena Jones, a misunderstanding lands Elliot Vane in the international school for super villains.  He quickly learns that the law of the land is to adapt or die. Lucky for him, the Dean of Students knows he’s a fake and has enlisted the help of a sultry Villain named Innya to show him the ropes. Elliot must maneuver through classes with actual evil teachers, defend himself against monstrous bullies who hate him at first sight, avoid Mr. Magnificent, the town Superhero, and find a way to clear his name. But with multiple death sentences on his head will he manage to survive even a week at the Villain Academy, let alone live long enough to clear his name?

The novel is available on Amazon and Kindle here.

“Hilarious, edgy and fun!”  –E. Lim, Amazon review

“For a genre beaten to death (Superhero schools, unite!) it was so nice to see the dynamic flipped on end and then not allowed to take itself seriously . . . this is good for an easy read and packs enough snark to ellict a smile or three.” –Cordell Falk, Amazon review