SDCC Comic Con Recap – Hopes for 2017

August 5, 2016 Conventions, Events 0 Comments


The Dark Productions team shares their thoughts on different topics from San Diego Comic Con 2016. Some of us are veteran CCI attendees while others are attending the Con for the first time in years and/or are brand new exhibitors! Learn what it’s like behind the scenes. If you’re hoping to produce and promote your own comics & graphic novels someday, we hope our thoughts and experiences will shed some light into the world of being a small press company.

Join us for this series including: Experiences as an ExhibitorWhat We Learned as ExhibitorsNotable ThingsHopes for 2017


It’s all about the trade paper backs. I need to finish issue 4 of Hiraku so that I can print a TPB. Perhaps I shall look into Amazon for printing so that I won’t have to order huge amounts. I’m looking forward to working on Doomsday so hopefully we’ll have at least 1 issue of that by next year. Of course it would be better if we win the C4C grant, or are able to find a good agent to pitch for us. I’m looking forward to putting one big print of each title that we publish on our back wall. Which means we’d be adding at least Pulse and Doomsday.


I’m excited for full refreshes on my websites and social media platforms as we grind to elevate Dark Productions and get new products out the door. I hope to push the rest of the team with research and editing on Doomsday and Hiraku, and will have the core plot for Pulse written up ASAP while trying to plot out more of that universe for possible novella treatment – I would love to do the book / graphic-novel combo like some other companies are trying.

In the fiction realm, I have Valley of the Damned 3 plotted out and need to get the pen to paper to wrap that up before the end of 2016. I also have a fantasy novel mostly complete that will lend itself to some amazing artwork that I hope we can all contribute to in 2017 and get it table ready before the next con.



As we progress with our multiple projects, Doomsday, Hiraku, Pulse (and maybe even some erotica!) I really want to come up with some creative marketing strategies. Going to the marketing panel was a good jumping off point but I think we can really push ourselves to be a cut above. There are a lot of things swirling in my brain and notes swirling on my phone that I want to put in order. But we have the means and the support system to implement a lot of creative ideas that, along with our projects, will make us stand out in the crowd. I also want to continue to develop my relationship with Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore because they are a brick and mortar shop that champions independent and local authors and artists, which we at DP all are.


Create, create, create. I want to come back to CCI with a new book under our name. For the first time ever, we have a talented team of artists and writers and about a million ideas swirling between us. As you’ve already read, everyone has a ton of amazing projects lined up and our success comes from how well we can work together and us sticking to our guns to make it happen. Having published two books through crowdfunding, I know the hardest hurdle to jump over is finding the money for printing. All I know is that I want new books on that table next year for our readers. The next 300 something days, you should just stick with us to read updates on what’s up next. =)